House Orlovsky
Coat of Arms A jeweled white eagle soaring above an olive branch on a field of purple
Motto "High Above"
Seat Eagle's Watch
Region Orel's Range
  • Duke of Orel
  • Lord of Eagle's Watch
Lord Poul Orlovsky
Overlord House Surtova
Primary Deity Erastil
Notable Members Poul Orlovsky, Ari Stormborn Orlovsky

House Orlovsky is one of the Great Houses of Brevoy. They are the ancestral rulers of Orels, a region of Brevoy dominated by mountains and hills that connects to the enormous Icerime Peaks to the east. For centuries, the Lords Orlovsky were loyal servants of House Rogarvia, and were rewarded for their loyalty with comfort and stability in the form of a dukedom.

Since the disappearance of House Rogarvia, House Orlovsky has held back from swearing fealty to House Surtova as anything other than Lords Regent, much to the consternation of Noleski Surtova. Due to Lord Poul's considerable sway among several other Great and Lesser Houses, many within the Landsmeet Council will not step forward to swear to Duke-regent Surtova as the new king.


House Orlovsky

Kingmaker Devacorian