House Lodovka

Coat of Arms A three-ringed anchor juxtaposed over a ship's helm upon a tan field striped with green.
Motto "The Waters, Our Fields"
Seat Winterbreak
Region Lake of Mists and Veils, Misted Isles
  • Duke of Lodovka
  • Lord of Winterbreak
Lord Kozek Lodovka
Overlord House Surtova
Primary Deity Calistria, Besmara (secretly)
Notable Members Kozek Lodovka, Aleksi Lodovka, Natala Lodovka (née Surtova)

House Lodovka is one of the Great Houses of Brevoy. Their rule extends across the many isles that dot the southern shore of the Lake of Mists and Veils, and their ruler, Lord Kozek, also carries the title of Duke of Isles for this reason. Officially, House Lodovka and its agents are responsible for the policing and safety of trade on the lake. Their expansive naval force is granted to them by the Dragonscale Throne, and in exchange, House Lodovka is to act as a stabilizing force on the historically pirate-ridden lake's trade routes.

Unofficially, however, House Lodovka acts more as a centralized power structure for the piracy that continues to exist to this day. Under their guidance, a collection of successful pirate captains were granted lands and titles, and uplifted to minor Brevic nobility. In exchange, the Lake of Mists and Veils remains a well-governed and reliable trade route for northern Brevoy… so long as merchants pay their dues.

A long-standing feud has existed between House Lodovka and House Orlovsky, with the latter House contending that the Lodovkas were responsible for the raiding and pillaging of Orlovsky-held villages along the southeastern shoreline of the Lake. Without proof, however, the claims were never substantiated, and House Lodovka continued to weasel out of any reprisals.

With The Vanishing of House Rogarvia, Lord Poul of House Orlovsky sealed his borders to trade along the Lake, and a standing House contingent monitors what few harbors remain. House Surtova's alliance with House Lodovka was further solidified in 4701, when Noleski's sister Natala Surtova was married to Dmitri Lodovka. Dmitri fathered a son, Aleksi, with Natala before his untimely death in a sailing accident.

Rumor has it that Dmitri's death was no accident, however. Unsubstantiated claims point to Natala as the cause of Dmitri's death, but no evidence has ever been found against her, and, in fact, she has a rock-solid alibi as to her whereabouts (she was with Lord Kozek at the time of Dmitri's death). Some say Natala fled back to New Stetven with her son to rejoin her brother in the safety of the south, fearing Lord Kozek's reprisal. This, however, is hearsay. It is widely accepted that Natala returned to New Stetven in grief, and because the biting cold of the Lake did not agree with her young son's health. Of course, polite company would never dare ask either Natala or Kozek what the true story really is.

House Lodovka

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