House Garess

Coat of Arms A grey boar charging across a striped field of tan and brown.
Motto "Strong as the Mountains"
Seat Grayhaven
Region Golushkin Mountains to the west, Awzeren River to the south, Orel foothills to the north
  • Duke of Garess
  • Lord of Grayhaven
Lord Howlan Garess
Overlord House Surtova
Primary Deity Torag
Notable Members Howlan Garess, Toval Golka, Kesten Garess

House Garess has been one of Brevoy's Great Houses since the time of Choral the Conqueror. That is not to say, though, that their power and influence are anything near what they used to be. The Vanishing that took House Rogarvia also ripped the Golka dwarves from their ancestral halls in the Golushkin Mountains. Among the dwarves, serving as an emissary of Brevoy, was Harwel IV, the only son of Howlan and heir of House Garess.

The loss was devastating. In a single night—the same night that Brevoy lost its royal family—Lord Howlan lost the crown of his own House. Harwel's disappearance shook House Garess to its core, and while his court scrambled to stabilize his power and influence over the region, Lord Howlan slipped into a depression so deep that none could reach him. None, that is, except for the dwarven emissary that remained with him, the only other person who knew the same pain as Lord Howlan. The young dwarf lord Toval Golka was the Golka clan's counterpart to his own son, and when Howlan lost his only son, Toval lost his entire clan.

The two grew close in their misery, and in that despair they found a companionship that they had both thought lost forever. In an act that shocked the Brevic nobility, Lord Howlan declared Toval his adopted son and heir.

On Arodus 18, 4716, a young Garess lordling was married to the second daughter of Sarrona Lebeda to the surprise of many.

House Garess

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