Sarrona Lebeda

Matron and regent of House Lebeda.


Tightly-curled brown hair frames a face only vaguely touched by age. Dame Sarrona, though well into her middle years, has fought off the touch of the years through shear stubborn willfulness. Her average height and slight frame do nothing to diminish the intimidating aura of her presence. Her mouth quirks up in the hint of a smile, as if she knows something that others do not or cannot, and her dark eyes seem to penetrate into those who meet her.


Dame Sarrona became the Lady-regent of House Lebeda when her husband Olivar died in a hawking accident. Though she petitioned the Pharasman priesthood for his return, her request was denied, and she was left as the ruling member of her family until her son Lander, youngest of her four children yet the only male, comes of age.

Sarrona Lebeda

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