Kesten Garess

Kind and charismatic soldier of the Golden Harts.


Kesten is of average height and build, with the typical Garess blue eyes and short-cropped hair. A scar marks his cheek, hidden somewhat by a few days’ stubble. A longsword hangs at his belt, and a longbow and quiver of arrows is slung across his back. His breastplate is well-polished, but not of any particularly fine craftsmanship. He bears a triple-knotted cord upon his right pauldron, which marks him as a sergeant.


Kesten was a minor lordling of House Garess who was disowned a year ago for a dalliance with a common man. He was stripped of all lands and titles, and though he still holds the Garess name, he stands to inherit nothing from his House. He joined up with Maxim Trirog of the Golden Harts and worked his way up to a rank of sergeant.

He arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post on Rova 13, 4716 with a squad of Golden Harts. His mission is to secure a foothold into The Stolen Lands, though he is not entirely sure who contracted his company.

His birthday is Calistril 3, 4686. He was born under the sign of the Thrush.

Kesten Garess

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