Amarand Fen

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Amarand Fen wishes to show his kingdom of Kyonin the necessity of working with humans and how both races have so much to learn and share from one another. Though his motives are altruistic, his ambition for this goal borders on ruthless and he suffers little from those who would interfere with the elves’ return to greatness. Previously working as a guard for elven merchants traveling north, recent events in the Stolen Lands has halted much of the travel and trade. Amarand sees the charter as the perfect opportunity to help not only his stranded brethren return from the Riverlands to Kyonin, but also as a chance to be a voice for elves in a part of the world where his people have much to reclaim. An elf of few words Amarand scouts the River Kingdoms with his trusty steed Aras, A young buck river elk he found horribly wounded by kobolds and nursed back to health.


Amarand Fen

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